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ENQUIRE NOW - Limited Availability
The best elephant, buffalo and free-range lion hunting available.
BUFFALO - "hard bossed" bulls taken by tracking on foot.
ELEPHANT - A very good chance of 60lb class or bigger.
LION - Hunt wild lion by both baiting and tracking.

we hunt the best Elephant concession in Zimbabwe. Average size (last 16 bulls) was 62,5lb which is comparable to anything in Botswana and better than the rest of Africa.

2013 ~ U$42, 800

2 bulls available

2014 ~ P.O.R.

3 bulls available

2015 ~ P.O.R.

FREE RANGE Full Maned Wild Lions - some of the best in Africa.
100% success 2009 and 2010. No canned lions here, but the best wild lion populations you'll find anywhere in Africa. Only 1 to 3 hours drive from Victoria Falls. "click" pics for a look at recent lions we've taken.

COST ~ U$69, 150

Thats right WILD LIONS available in limited numbers for 2014 & 2015

100% success on 10 day hunts. Numerous concessions in North and West Zimbabwe and also Niassa Reserve, Northern Mozambique.
Bring your BIG gun to Africa and track "daga boys" in the thick stuff.

10 Day ~ U$20, 500

including Daily Rate, Trophy Fee & Government taxes

7 Day ~ U$16, 000



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2013 News
Our transfer vehicle. Great Idea!
Jack was using a .458 Lott and 3 quick shots to the heart brought
this bull down in less than 10 yards
This bull, surely 50lb we tracked from the new Chakwana water hole
Pato with his Buffalo
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Safari Club International
Dallas Safari Club
Supporter of Blaser Rifles
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